Acyclica provides data and tools to help agencies manage congestion

Acyclica's technology is used around the world to generate high-resolution traffic data at the intersection level. Our advanced analytics are used by cities and DOTs to manage traffic signals for both static-timing and adaptive systems. Learn more about Acyclica and let us change the way you think about traffic.


Acyclica provides advanced data management tools to transform the mountains of traffic data into accurate and relevant information. Our technology is being used to actively manage traffic to reduce congestion and emissions. From automated MAP 21 performance reports to integrating the latest congestion metrics, Acyclica provides information for congestion management.


Acyclica data informs users of conditions of the world around us where it can help provide actionable intelligence on road congestion and delay. We host a suite of real-time Application Program Interfaces or APIs so developers can add value and extend the reach of the most accurate traffic information available. From variable message signs to mobile apps, we help to keep people informed and connected. Learn more about our data services by contacting us today.


Acyclica's patented sensor technology is used to fill in gaps where other technologies fall short. Our wireless sensors are able to anonymously collect data at the intersection level to provide delay and intersection-to-intersection travel-time information even in dense urban environments. The high volume of data enables Acyclica to provide high quality real-time and historical data anywhere our sensors are deployed.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Acyclica


Acyclica's Wifi Readers provide anonymous detection in a large detection range with a high sample rate and passive detection method. We allow users to get the most out of their abundance of data by applying our complex algorithms and filters in our free, web-based Go software.


Acyclica's sleek and simplistic product design allows you to install, configure, and gather traffic data in a matter of minutes. Requiring only 3 connections; field deployment installations have never been easier!


Acyclica works hard to keep innovation on its forefront. Having a free web based software to control our easy-to-install units allows Acyclica to be adaptive and connected 24 x 7 anywhere in the world.

User interface

Go, Acyclica's cloud based software, is designed for any everyday user. The map interface provides easy to read real-time data, and our customized algorithms and reports allow you to analyze your data in an organized manner.